Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business.
Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.
We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!


Stanley and his friends approve

"While visiting Tennessee this weekend, I visited your tent at PumpkinFest and brought some treats back home to Michigan. My dog, Stanley (the black dog), and our two foster dogs LOVED your treats! So happy to be supporting a business where Cailyn made the treats, rang up our bill, ran my card, and provided excellent customer service. Well done, Cailyn! You’re going places!"

-Anna Pakiela

 The Dogs loved them!!!

"We had the fortune of meeting Cailyn and her mom at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Craft Show while visiting the area. Stumbled upon them by chance and we’re glad we did, but more importantly, so are our dogs! We bought a bag of the Music City mix and they did not last long, so I will be ordering more. Thankfully also bought some dog mints as one of our dogs gets into things she shouldn’t, so thank you for that!"

-Joe Mauch

 My dog loves the treats!

"I purchased a bag of the blueberry biscuits at Lester Farms market day after Cailyn offered my “Sissy” a treat and she loved them. Sissy is a very picky eater, but not with these treats. She even goes and gets the bag when she wants a treat! Great job, Cailyn!"

-Reba Jones

 Holly M.


-Holly M. - Ohio

Keri M.

 "Nellie LOVES these treats!"

 -Keri M. - Michigan

Bea W.

 "My dog, Sadie, loved these and she is a real picky dog! Great product!"

 -Bea W. - Michigan

Laura W.

"I want to ‘Thank You’ for the yummy dog treats. Our dogs, Emmy & Maggie LOVE THEM! They smell sooo good… I even think about eating them. My kitty, Lilly, even eats them!! You’ve made customers out of us!! Thanks again, Laura W."

-Laura W. - Nashville, Tennessee