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Healthy Dogs Need Treats with Good Nutritional Ingredients!

We love our dogs and would do just about anything for them. We treat them like they are our babies and we spoil them every chance we get. Just like buying the best and healthiest dog food to feed our fur buddies, when it comes to treats, we want the very best for them.

Healthy Treats for Dog Training and Dog Spoiling

Food is one of the most powerful motivations to get our dog’s attention, and reinforce making them pay attention to us. Treats are even more powerful than food and can be great tools for dog training and behavioral modification, including rewards for good dog behavior. Canine trainers have diverse opinions on how to use dog treats in training, when it is appropriate, and even IF it’s a good idea. But even as a dog owner that is not a professional dog trainer, you can still use treats to help modify dog behavior, or provide a simple reward for incremental improvements in specific actions of your dog. This applies no matter what dog breed you may have. Treats have been used successfully to train dogs at any point in their lifespan, from puppies (puppy training is so fun, and so necessary!) through adolescents and seniors, and for dogs that are pure bred through mixed breeds.  Once they understand that they can get treats by practicing specific behaviors, they are eager to do whatever their human wants them to do: come, sit, shake, heel roll over, fetch. There are few dogs alive who aren’t constantly giving you dog signals that say, “Just keep those treats coming!”

But healthy dog treats aren’t just for dog training. Our dog biscuits are bigger and so less useful for frequent rewards that are used in more controlled dog training. Our treats can be just part of a happy dog routine. We all know that if we give our dogs too many treats they soon won’t be able to do any tricks for us except to maybe waddle across the room. But it is undeniable that there is something special about buying special snacks for our dogs and feeding them as a reward or for just being such a good little doggy, or big doggy!.  

How To Choose The Best Dog Treats for Your Dog

So the question is, what kind of treat is good for a dog? Just as with your dog’s regular daily food you want the best and highest quality you can get, because dogs that eat good food and good treats will simply be healthier. Many of the dog treats, biscuits or cookies purchased in stores are packed full of flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners, salts and preservatives, i.e. a virtual cornucopia of unhealthy man-made chemicals.  In an effort to ensure good quality, a lot of people attempt to turn to homemade dog treats. But they find out every quickly that it’s a lot of work and in many cases not worth the time. Where can you get the value and quality of homemade dog treats, without the time-consuming effort in your own kitchen?

Now that doesn’t mean that the treat should be taste-less but it should be generally healthy for man’s best friend.  A treat should be exactly as the name implies. It should be something different from the daily diet, but that has the nutrients that your dog needs and enjoys. It is not like your dog will be surviving on the treats alone, so it is OK to have something that is extra tasty and makes your puppies feel great pleasure. The way to do that in a healthy way is to make sure your treats have ingredients that are sourced from high quality growers, and are carefully prepared. This is the approach to which we are committed at Little Big Dog Treats, LLC. Of course the other thing is not to give your dogs too many treats, no matter how natural, organic or healthy the ingredients.

Also, it is important to be aware that some dogs are allergic to or don’t seem to do well on certain food ingredients, so you may have to try multiple flavors to find the treat that is right for your pet while avoiding flavors and ingredients that cause a bad reaction. Check with your dog’s veterinarian to determine flavors that are generally off limits for dogs, or are known to cause problems in some dog breeds.

At Little BIG Dog Treats we work hard to provide high quality products with flavors that most dogs can consume safely. You might want to consider us as your trusted artisan dog biscuit maker and buy a variety pack of our treats to start off, paying careful attention to providing one flavor at a time, just to see how your doggy reacts to each. Different dog breeds and dog sizes, in diverse health conditions may react in unique ways to size, shape, flavor and texture of each biscuit. Even canine dental health can impact how your particular dog responds to certain treats; a bad tooth or a mouthful of bad teeth in your dog can dramatically impact how your dog responds to otherwise healthy dog treats. High quality dog biscuits can actually help contribute to prevention of tooth decay in your dog.

As with humans, dogs do best with more natural good quality ingredients. Good treats will not need any palatability enhancers to get your dog interested in trying one. But treats are supposed to make dogs excited and satisfied, so they should taste extra special. For this reason, you should always be looking for a product with natural, healthy ingredients, and without artificial flavors, preservatives or flavor enhancers. Smaller dogs and younger puppies may need you to break the dog biscuits into smaller pieces so they are easier to chew.

In the beginning you’ll have to guess whether your dog is going to be more motivated by pungent flavors such as cheese or peanut butter; or flavors on the sweet side of the palate, such as our sweet potato dog biscuits or organic apple dog biscuit bones. Your dog might even have a nutrient deficiency and be craving those cheesy flavored snacks or maybe apple or banana!  It will be something that you have to pay attention to as your dog teaches you what they consider to be a “high-value” treat.

Even if you don’t have a dog, a variety pack of dog biscuits makes a great, inexpensive and thoughtful gift for friends that do have dogs. Dog owners will be quite pleased to receive one of our quality products, and bless their special pets for days to come.

We Sell More Than Dog Treats

Please explore our full site here at https://www.littlebigdogtreats.com/ to see other product categories we offer, such as doggie breath mints, breath freshening spritzes, and dog coat care products, such as coat freshening sprays, and dog flea and tick repellent, dog toys, dog apparel, gifts for dog lovers, and gift cards. Visit our store to find out more. Some of our products are seasonal and we add dog care products often.


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