NEW SEASONAL FLAVOR! Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Treats

delivered right to your door


Healthy dog treats
delivered right to your door

Color your paws with goodness.

About Our Company

YUMMY DOG TREATS. Awesome maker.
Buy our handmade, small batch dog treats and you’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting the small business of a young adult with Down syndrome who loves being able to exclaim “This is my business!”

We use only simple whole food ingredients- no fillers, or yucky stuff. And they smell ssooooo good! Go ahead, open the bag, and let our yummy smelling dog treats bring a smile to your face, and a flow of drool from your happy dog’s mouth!

Try our small batch body care products on your dog and you’ll no longer have to put up with ‘funky dog smell’. or ‘funky dog breath’!

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