Sweet Potato Dog Treat Recipe

Healthy Sweet Potato Dog Treats Start On the Farm

A 40 lb box of local organic sweet potatoes, a turkey roaster, and a hardworking special needs young adult, all mix together to create some very healthy, limited ingredient, locally sourced dog treats in middle Tennessee for our national dog owner customers.

The most important part of the process in making our delicious smelling, all natural, homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats is getting the best quality ingredients. Without that, our doggy treats wouldn’t be so popular. We buy our sweet potatoes at a local farmer’s market from a farmer who grows sweet potatoes about 20 miles from here.

How We Prepare Our Sweet Potatoes For Our Dog Treat Recipe

When we get fresh sweet potatoes to the kitchen, there we scrub them, fork poke them, and place them in a turkey roaster where they bake for about 3 hours. When cooled, they get peeled, mashed, and then measured out into portioned freezer bags. 3 cups of mashed sweet potatoes go into every 10 bags of handmade dog treats.

All ingredients are hand prepared and baked with great care for our local customers at farmers markets and dog-oriented events, and also to sell online to dog owners around the country. If you order right now, you will notice the quality difference in our sweet potato treats: organic, healthy, delicious!

What's So Special About Sweet Potato Dog Treats?

What made us decide to make a sweet potato dog treat to add to our growing product line? It was important to us to find really healthy ingredients that are available locally. Sweet potatoes are packed full of all sorts of benefits for dogs. Giving our dogs treats made with sweet potatoes can help reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen bones, and improve their eyesight. Who wouldn’t want to show their dogs this kind of love? Order some special sweet potato love for your dog right now!

Note: We recommend a normal healthy diet for your dog. Do not rely on treats as your sole source of nutrition. Think of them as healthy dog snacks, only.

Who Bakes Our Sweet Potato Dog Bone Biscuits?

Our special needs young adult daughter loves what she does. She loves to say she is a business owner when asked what she does for work. She takes a lot of pride in every step of making and selling her handmade dogs treats.

She carefully prepares and bakes the sweet potato version of our dog treat product line, and forms it into the most favorite dog biscuit shapes of dog owners around the country: the uber popular dog bone biscuit shape, our “Sweet Potato Biscuit Bones.”

Order your own healthy sweet potato dog treats right now! You’re going to love them, and your dog will too!