Product Knowledge and Handling

Our Mission

To provide a meaningful career for a special needs’ young adult. This is her business. Something she is so proud to say is hers.

Our Motto

Whenever possible, we choose local. Local ingredients, local packaging, local suppliers and vendors.

Our Treats

Our treats are handmade, with love. Every single treat. We’ve heard it said that crunchy dog treats help with keeping teeth clean. We don’t know if that’s true or not, but our treats are crunchy, nevertheless, just in case.


We choose our packaging very carefully. Whenever possible, we are choosing to use packaging that is eco-friendly, recyclable and/or reusable (our tins, for example).


We use only whole food ingredients. No powdered versions, no complicated chemical names. Just fresh, whole food ingredients. You know, ingredients you can pronounce.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of our products is approximately one year (although we’ve yet to meet anyone who’s had a package last that long).


Our products don’t need special handling like refrigeration or freezing. They’ll do just fine in a cool, dry place.