Limited Quantity! Salmon Treats for Dogs & Cats


Limited Quantity! Salmon Treats for Dogs & Cats

The result of another great customer request – treats for both dogs & cats! Something healthy & yummy to fill your pet’s Easter basket with, these treats are made from Wild Alaska Pink Salmon, parsley, flaxseed, and oats. A crunchy treat, full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that will help your sweet furry companion friend stay healthy and strong. 4 different container choices available. Treats are Butterly & flower shaped. The butterfly shapes are perforated so they can easily be broken to create a smaller treat. Quantities limited!

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Each package contains 6 oz. (170 g) of treats.

Ingredients: oats, salmon, flaxseed, parsley, baking powder.

Berry baskets (kraft & green) are  4” long x 8 “high x 3” deep
Pastry Boxes (flatter box) are 5” long x 7” high x 3.5” deep
Round Container (with lid) is 4” long x 4” high x 4” deep

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Packing Options

Berry Baskets (Kraft), Berry Baskets (green), Pastry Boxes (flatter box), Soup Container


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