Healthy Dog Treats From Our Dog Bakery

There is a lot of joy in dog owners and their dogs in the interactions they get when they entice or reward their pets with special dog treats. We love the eager eyes, wagging tail, lip-licking tongue, the tilt of their head, the roll of their pupils, the doggie yip, and the double tap of their legs, as they reposition in anticipation of their favorite dog treat.

At Little Big Dog Treats, we work extra hard to provide you with handmade dog biscuits with quality natural ingredients you can trust, hand crafted in our artisan bakery.  Our canine treats are shaped in the same familiar dog bone style you would use if you were making homemade dog treats in your own kitchen – but without all the work! We put in all the goodness and all the love you would for your own full grown dogs and growing puppies.

Dog Treat Flavors

Try some or all of these dog biscuits with these popular dog treat flavors below:

We hope you find many flavors of treats your doggy will love, and come back for more too. Note that we carry both big dog treats and little dog treats to accommodate different sized dog breeds and their ability to chew. As always, our products carry our own Guarantee. Happy Shopping!

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